fake robux generator

All Robux generators are 100% Scam and they do not work.

Are you shocked by the answer, let me explain further so that you will convince why I am telling you this statement?

Robux generator or Robux generator no verification or Robux generator no survey is all fake and 100% Scam websites who promise for free robux. There website work on a different module to squeeze money out of users.

Then why they are spread across Google and them pop up every time when I open Roblox.

Well, to answer this question we need to check what is Roblox game and why these Scam websites are targeting particularly Roblox game users.

What is Roblox Game?

As we all know, the Roblox game is a multiplayer game where users are free to make there own virtual game and integrate with the main server. These games can be access from anywhere in the world and many people can log in and play these games. Roblox is the platform which binds these games together, where more than 70 million players play Roblox game per month.

Now, that a quite a big number, 70 million. Now imagine what these players need, they need Robux, game items, clothes, headgears, helmets, weapons, shields and game passes to play Roblox game.

Not everyone can buy these expensive game items, again and again, they will try to find free Roblox assets or Robux (official game money). To lure these type of players Scam websites plays a huge role.

How these Scam websites work?

There is three type of online Scam going on these days in Roblox game.

  • Robux online generator
  • Roblox mod application
  • Roblox Asset download

What is Robux online generator and how they earn?

Robux online generator is those websites which claim to give free Robux by hacking Roblox server. When the user goes to these types of website, he will be given choice for downloading $10, $25, $50, $100 Robux or more than that denomination. The user has to put his Roblox username to get those free Robux.

After this website will show some code execution and try to show us that they have hacked Roblox server. Then all hacking will suddenly stop, with one big warning “prove you are human” or “prove you are not a robot”.

Now, the fun starts from here, the user will now force to complete a survey to get the desired Robux. Maximum young users fell prey to this tactic and they will blindly follow the instruction and complete the survey.

After completing these surveys, they will be given more survey or they will be thrown to the google website. One you should remember; all the Scam website get paid for the survey your complete depending on the country you live in. these websites get paid between 0.50 cent to 2.5 dollars depending on the survey user has completed.

What is Roblox Mod Application and how they earn?

One of the most dangerous Scams going on is Roblox Mod application which claims to give free Builder hut to all user, who download and use their software. Do not use this software as your Roblox account can be ban using this software.

They work on PPI module, which means they will try to install garbage software in your system along with cripple Roblox application. Do not download any software form these websites, which claim to give you free Robux codes no survey and builder club.

These websites try to install virus and malware in your system to gain access to your personal details such as ssn no, bank details, credit card details, loan details and your personal data including pictures and videos.

These website work on PPI method, which means they get paid for the software they install in your system along with malware.

Roblox Asset Downloader Fake or legit?

Roblox Asset Downloader is 100% fake and illegal. You can get punishment under infringement and can get jail depending on your country law. First, all Roblox Asset Downloader is a joke and they did not download anything. They work on the same principle as Robux Online generator.

If any website is vulnerable to JavaScript they it may download assets which are very rare. If for 1% we assume that they can download Roblox assets, it will take only a few minutes to detect the vulnerable and to patch it.

Few things you should know

No one can hack Roblox server from outside

No one can hack Roblox server from outside, there are dedicated IT team assigned for Roblox security which monitors all these activities. Roblox servers are secure and it is very difficult to hack them. If any way hacker gains some files or data, it will be detected in minutes and it will be patched within minutes.

Moreover, it is illegal to hack servers and hacker are prosecuted everywhere for breaching of data. So stay safe and do not use this kind of hack to get Robux

Final words

All Robux generator are hoax and fake, do not fall prey to these types of Scam website. stay away from these websites, they can take your personal details and bank details. you may also land up in jail for downloading other people assets.