Instagram followers app

Are you looking for Auto followers Instagram App which will provide you likes and comments with organic followers?

Well, you can find many solutions for this problem, there are three methods to get auto followers for your Instagram App

  1. Auto followers Apps
  2. Auto follower’s website providing this kind of services
  3. Bots providing tons of followers

If you are comfortable with the website then you can opt for that option, but today we are going to introduce “Auto followers Instagram App” which works in both platform for iOS and Android.

Auto Followers apps work on the coin-based system, and you need to buy those coins which later can be spending to get real or fake Instagram Followers.

Typically, Auto Followers Apps gives your 1000 Bot generated followers in your Instagram account and 100 real followers with comments. You can buy this app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

But, if you want to try this for free, then you can download this piece of beauty from our website. We have made Apk modification which means that you need not spend any money on getting real followers for your Instagram account.

Maximum website or APK tool need lots of money to be spent on getting real free followers for Instagram. If you check any website for getting real followers, you need to churn out nearly $50 for getting 5000 followers, and it did not have any guarantee that these are from real users.

You will ultimately be going to get your Instagram influencer image tarnish when people find out that all your followers are not gain by organic reach. So, be very careful when you use these types of website or tools to gain Instagram followers.

We recommend you use only 100 real followers daily using this APK files.

Auto Followers Instagram App Description

Auto Followers Instagram App
Publisher Next Company
Platforms Android and iOS
Price $ 9.99
Size 27 M
Current Version 1.2.0
Last update Nov 01, 2018
Mod files size 48 M


Auto Followers Instagram App Features

  • Get 1000 likes per day
  • Get 100 likes from a real user with a comment
  • Get Content spread to your real fans and followers
  • Get insight on how many followers open your post per day
  • Get an insight into your organic post reach
  • Get an insight of day of time your followers are most active
  • Schedule your post to that time when you will get more user engagement
  • Get insight which is your secret follower
  • Get insight on who comment most for you post
  • Get insight on which picture of post get wide recognition in the eyes of Instagram
  • Get percentage and insight on who are your real followers and who are ghost followers


Auto Followers Instagram App Mod Features

  • All premium facilities for your account
  • Easy to operate and use with all premium facilities
  • No need for any coins to get 1000 followers daily
  • Get 10000 Coins in your Account
  • 100 % ban free


How to install Auto Followers Instagram App + Obb files

Install Auto Followers Instagram App in your Smartphone. Now open the Obb files from the zip files and paste this in the respective folder of Obb files. For iOS, you will get a separate file which can be used to install in your smartphone.


The benefit of Auto Followers Instagram App

If you check how Instagram Algorithm has changed in 2018, you will come to know that they are killing the organic growth to promote their Instagram Ads. The number of followers you get in the early month of 2018 was very high as compared to now. Instagram has smartly stopped the huge organic growth of your post that why you can get huge followers.

To overcome all the problem of Instagram Algorithm, you need to start getting 100 real followers for your Instagram account. Real Followers will start a relevant comment in your post, and soon your post will become viral, fetching real visitors.

We want to advise you all to use only the real follower’s mode to get 100 followers daily. Do not opt for 1000 followers, these are not from the real account, and these are made with bots account which did not have any value to your Instagram account.

Final words

As we all know that Instagram has created new Algorithm to stop organic reach to normal user post. To overcome this difficulty you need to get 100 real Instagram follower daily in an organic way so that Instagram Algorithm did not raise any red flag and suspend your account.