Golf Clash tips for expert Level

Want to break into the Expert level in Golf Clash?

Well, we have formulated a solution, which you can implement and can break into the expert level in Golf Clash.

As you all know, Golf Clash is a simulated game which gives priority to players who can hit the ball with precision. But as the game progress, you will realize that game is not only becoming tough to play but also you need to acquire more skill to top any tournaments.

So, to lessen you woos, we have talked to all expert level Golf Clash players and come up with ideas, tips, and tricks which you can follow to excel.

General Golf Clash Tips and Tricks (Before Playing)

  • Read Golf Book or acquainted with golf before playing Golf Clash
  • Read and understand Golf rules and regulation
  • Read and understand how many different Golf Clubs there are
  • Read and understand when to use different Golf Clubs and why
  • Read and understand different Golf Course holes
  • Learn all the rules of caddie and Golf course

General Golf Clash Tips and Tricks (after your install Golf Clash Game)

  • Aquatinted with different Golf Course available in the Golf Clash Game
  • Know how these 28 Golf Course terrain before you plunge into any tournament
  • Know every nook and corner of Golf Course before the beginning of any tournament
  • Follow the tutorial closely to learn how to time your shot
  • Follow the tutorial closely to learn how to time your putt
  • Know all the simulated gears like power, ball, needle, and club before you play the real game
  • Play some easy game before going for any tour

Golf Clash Tips and Tricks on Golf Club

  • One of the best Buddy of the game is Golf Club
  • Keep on purchasing and upgrading new Golf Club when you are hitting the expert level
  • Learn all the Golf Club present in the Golf Clash
  • Learn how to use each Golf Club according to the situation
  • In Golf Clash there are 07 different types of Golf Clubs, and each has its own uniqueness
  • Golf Club are decided according to attributes, which are as follows
    • Power
    • Accuracy
    • Back Spin
    • Top Spin
    • Ball Guide
    • Curl
  • To make your Golf Club fit for any tournament, you need to upgrade all attributes

Golf Clash Tips and Tricks on Golf Ball

  • Do not invest in the new ball until you reach Tournament 4
  • You need to invest in the good ball after Tour 4 to win
  • A golf ball has many attributes which you need to understand before you purchase
    • Wind resistance
    • Sidespin
    • Power
  • Invest in good Golf Ball when you reach Pro mode in Golf Clash

Golf Clash Tips and Tricks on Game Chest

  • Game Chest in Golf Clash is free to acquire and contain game goodies
  • You can find many game items such as
  • You can find 06 Types of Chest in Golf Clash, and they are as follows
    • Wood Chest
    • Silver Chest
    • Gold Chest
    • Platinum Chest
    • Pin Chest
    • King Chest

Golf Clash Expert Tips and Tricks

  • Learn how Topspin and backspin works in Golf ball
  • Learn how you can use Needle position for your Golf Ball when you hit the shot
  • Learn how to use the Putt
  • Practice to get the bull eye’s when you hit the ball in Golf Clash
  • Learn how to control power to any shot to maximize the effect
  • Learn how to play with advance Golf Club and Good Golf Ball

Final words

So, these are the Expert tips and tricks on Golf Clash game which you need to follow and implement to stay ahead of the competition.

We also hope that you will use these expert tips to improve your Golf Clash game.