toon blast advertisement

Toon Blast is running as Big Grossing game in iOS as well as Android Platform so thus Toon blast hack. According to the Sensor Tower, it will cross $400 Million in revenue in a matter of months. Toon Blast becomes an overnight sensation when “Deadpool” Star Ryan Reynolds agree to take part in the app’s commercials.

Now, whatever may be the reason, after Ryan Reynolds shoots TV commercials ads for Toon Blast it started to jump on the top 10 highest grossing games in the USA, it has already overtaken the biggest game in the puzzle genre “Candy Crush” and all its variants.

We take you to all the commercial shots on Ryan Reynolds for Toon Blast to find out why this is game took off with the Deadpool star.

1. Little Understanding Girl in the room

After losing one of the levels, Ryan Reynolds starts uttering shitty words, which he realizes later that one little girl is standing in the room watching him playing the game.

2. The hilarious interview where he tries to justify why he plays Toon Blast

3. Playing in between the Movies Scene where he got shot by a bullet, but he did not leave his game Toon Blast.

4. Sending Body Double who is not exactly looking like him in the film shoot. Check this awesome ad on Toon Blast.

5. Ryan Girlfriend loses her father, in an emotional scene, Ryan decided to level up the Toon Blast game.

6. Ryan cleared 795 Level in Toon Blast with perfect stars, while he is in Tattoo room, trying to get one with 795 level clear message.

7. do you remember “Small Hands,” well Ryan decided to use with them on 10 different smartphones playing Toon Blast.

8. Ryan is playing Toon Blast sitting on the hands of strong man.

Final words

Can you imagine, earlier movies stars were used for promoting any products, but nowadays, small games like Toon Blast are churning out money by using Movies Stars in their product ads. Games have come to a new age where million of money are involved in each game and game company are going to become rich with one game.

If you are a Deadpool fan, then you will enjoy all the ads of Ryan Reynolds.