Free Xbox One Gift CArds

It is festive season, and you want to try new clothes and a new game, you have money for only one thing, so, what you will choose?

Well, you will choose cloths over your favorite games and let your fun and dream die with your new clothes. So, what’s if we suggest getting those games free using our method. By using our method, you will still have your favorite game and off course your new clothes.

So, why not check these working methods of getting Free Xbox Gift Card which is working in 2018

We are going to give you some legit method which of course is time-consuming and some shortcut method which will give you Free Xbox within 3 minutes. So, depending on your patience and preferences, you can choose which method you want to go for getting these free Xbox Gift Cards.

What is Xbox Live Membership?

What Xbox live a platform which is developed by Microsoft for its Xbox console players, where it hosted end number of Games. It is a subscription-based service and works for two type of subscription

  • Monthly based which cost 9.99 dollar
  • Yearly based which cost 59.99 Dollar

You can also opt for free one-month trial of Xbox live membership when you apply first time with a valid credit card.

Xbox lives to platform host all kind of games category, and you can play online with a different player around the world.

Xbox live also give two to three new games every month as a bonus gift to its online member known as early access where they can play the game for free. If you want to use these facilities, then you need to purchase a valid Xbox live membership subscription.

Xbox lives also has many other benefits like movies, tv shows, Skype and chatting online with your team member. You will also get Netflix and Hulu subscription free with this online subscription.

What is Xbox One Gift Card?

As we have discussed earlier, Xbox live Gift card will give you plenty of entertainment and games. You can get these items when you use Xbox Live Gift Card

  • Latest Games
  • Free three games every month known as early access
  • Chat with your friends online
  • Different movies around the world
  • Subscription on Netflix and HULU
  • TV shows and soap operas
  • Xbox console
  • The accessory of the Xbox console
  • Game maps (which you need to buy form game store)
  • Game coins (specific to the game you play)
  • Xbox Game pass

You also need to keep these three things in your mind when you use Xbox Gift Card

  1. Xbox Gift Card cannot be used to redeem free Xbox live gold subscription (as this need to be verified with valid Credit card) and other subscriptions.
  2. You are billing account country should be the same as your Xbox Gift Card (although if you have gift card purchase in the dollar, it can use anywhere in the world)
  3. Always use the dollar as currency or euro depending on your country.

How to get Xbox Live Gift Card

Xbox live Gift card can be redeemed using this method

  • Using our online Gift Card service
  • Working on some GPT websites

Using our online Gift Card service

You can use our Gift Card service by following this simple method

  1. Click on the amount you want to get for your Xbox Gift Card
  • There is $25, $50 and $100 denomination
  • You need to choose these and click ok
  • You will get 25 alpha number
  • Put this in your account and redeem it
  1. Enter your email id that links with your Xbox account
  2. Check your account; the denomination will be added to your account

Working on some GTP website

You can work with some GTP website(Get to Paid) where you need to do the small task to get some coins when you accumulated a large number of coin; it can be redeemed with Xbox Gift Card.

GPT website name are as follows

  • com
  • JunoWallet
  • com
  • FreeMyapps

Final words

It is very difficult to find free Xbox One Gift Card, but you can use our website and get it free of charge. Use our website and redeem it for your dream games or other entertainment apps.